Lisa McGill  

"Jam-packed with innovation"

“LEAP Tech Talent really is extraordinary and I'm so glad I invested the time to take part. The content was relevant, abundant and profound, and the meeting was jam-packed with innovation, solutions, setbacks and successes. I can’t wait for next year!”

Lisa McGill, CHRO & SVP of People, Fortinet

 Kris Coombs "Fast paced and enlightening"

“By far the best HR conference I have ever attended. Meaningful, dynamic, fast paced and enlightening. Everything I was hoping for and more.”

Kris Coombs, Executive Vice President Human Resources, Myelin Communications

 Brooke Green "This event changed the way I think about work"

“I’ve been waiting a year to come back: last year this event changed the way I think about work. It changed the way we do business. Once a week I’m thinking about something I learned at LEAP; a couple of times a month I’m citing it; I’m a real LEAP geek.”

Brooke Green, Partner & Head of Employee Rewards Practice, Radford (an Aon Company)

 Neil "Reminds me why I love HR"

“Collaborative storytelling and innovative debate on what's next for HR/talent. An amazing format, talent and collaborative environment. Reminds me why I love HR. 10 out of 10”

Neil Frye, Global Head of Recruitment, HR Operations & Technology, Dropbox

 Adrian Stevens "A genuinely rewarding experience"

“A thought provoking, inspiring, innovative and collaborative experience geared to help you create value and accelerate your organisation’s success ... and your own. A genuinely rewarding experience. 10 out of 10.”

Adrian Stevens, VP Leadership & Professional Development, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

 David Swanson "Amazing thought leaders and fantastic networking"

“Building on the momentum of last year, this event had more powerful topics delivered by amazing thought leaders and fantastic networking. I have already rethought what I want to focus on as a result of the conference. Another outstanding program..”

David Swanson, EVP Human Resources, SAP Americas

 Jennifer Kilne "Critical to my success in leading through this period of digital transformation”

“Inspiring, insightful, and thought provoking. The speed of change in tech is so different than other industries, having a tech perspective on HR transformation is critical to my success in leading through this period of digital transformation.”

Jennifer Kline, Vice President Human Resources, itelligence, Inc

 Kim "Sparked many ideas... I'm looking forward to taking them back to my team”

“A great chance to hear from the leaders of the top tech companies in Silicon Valley on the topics that are most relevant for HR today. This event exceeded my expectations. It sparked many ideas, and I'm looking forward to taking them back to my team.”

Kim Roa, Sr. Director, HR – Technology, Workday

 Brian Christman "Well worth the investment of time"

“It's easy to make excuses to not focus on our own development, but I can honestly say that this was well worth the investment of time. 10 out of 10.”

Brian Christman, Senior Vice President People & Workplace, Etsy

 Pam "Hard to beat - enjoyable, inspiring and credible"

“LEAP Tech Talent is hard to beat. Enjoyable, inspiring and credible, real world speakers from both established and new tech firms. I am tired of hearing from consultants with same solutions that are not grounded in reality. This was a breath of fresh air.”

Pam Petriello, VP HR Operations, TTM Technologies

 Jim "Shines a light on where we need to head next"

“We are driving a next generation people experience. LEAP Tech Talent was a valuable chance to both validate our current efforts as well as help shine a light on where we need to head next.”

Jim Gemmell, EVP, CHRO, Akamai Technologies

 Donald.jpg "It's given me the impetus to push harder on my own beliefs"

“A rich and rewarding experience. The quality of speakers and the level of interaction were outstanding. This triggered questions we need to be asking at Microsoft and it has also given me the impetus to push harder on my own beliefs.”

Donald MacRae, HR Director, Microsoft

 Ileana "Terrific"

“This conference was so well done. The content was terrific and I learned so much. The short duration of each presentation made the quantity of content very easy to digest and process. 10 out of 10”

Ileana Garcia, Global Account Director, Scout Exchange

 Mazzy "I can’t wait for next year"

“Fabulous! I believe in totally re-inventing people development for my millennial generation and this was a valuable chance to do that. I can’t wait for next year. 10 out of 10”

Mazzy Cameron, Global Head of Talent & OD, StubHub and eBay

 Angela "Inspiring to be surrounded by like-minded professionals"

“Inspiring to be surrounded by like-minded professionals interested in new ideas to make an impact to our businesses. 10 out of 10”

Angela Szymusiak, Sr Talent Development Partner, Adobe Systems

 Mike Forrest "This really was one of the best conferences I have ever attended"

“I have been doing a lot of reflection since the conference, and this really was one of the best conferences I have ever attended. There were several key learnings that helped me crystalize some of the things I have been thinking about lately.”

Mike Forrest, Vice President Human Resources, Intel