We have taken the decision to postpone this event indefinitely. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. The USA edition of LEAP Tech Talent will continue to run as normal in San Francisco, March 2020 – please visit www.leap-tech-talent.com for more details.

7:15 am Deep Dive Registration & Breakfast

7:30 am Breakfast Deep Dive A | Reimagining How We Look at Talent in Hyper-Growth Tech Firms

8:30 am Conference Registration & Networking

9:30 am What it Takes to Make a Leap a Reality

9:40 am Chair’s Welcome, Opening Remarks & Connection Before Content

Transforming HR

9:50 am Discover: Transforming How We Map Our Tech Businesses to Understand How Work Really Gets Done


  • How Cisco have been working to understand how to make their organisation truly more agile by redefining network analysis
  • What does it take to map out how your organisation is actually structured by visualising data differently?
  • Creating a potential GPS of your organisation – how people, places and things really collaborate to help drive efficiency and effectiveness

10:10 am Discover: Rethinking HR in Tech – How SAP Runs HR like a Business


  • Bringing a business approach to HR by putting the HR Consumer front and center
  • Driving the digitalization of HR through the right use of future-oriented technology providing human touch with scale
  • Using people analytics to move from big data to smart data by looking into the HR crystal ball

10:30 am Develop: What Traditional Thinking Do We Need to Challenge to Truly Drive Innovation through the People Function?

10:45 am Action: What Leap Forward Will You Now Take to Transform HR in Your Tech Business?


Output-Focussed Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

11:00 am Speed Networking & Refreshments

Rethinking Cultures in Tech

11:40 am Discover: The Constantly Changing Role of HR Across a Rapidly Growing Business

  • Aline De Lucca People Partner – Global Client and Agencies Solutions & HR Site Lead for Italy, Google


  • Businesses are changing fast and so should HR Business Partners
  • Reassessing the way HR is positioned to generate disproportionate impact business and people
  • What do we need to rethink the way we do HR to actively support our talent know who they are, and help them grow?

12:00 pm Discover: Creating a Culture that is Sustainable, Scalable & Endures Hire after Hire in a Rapid-Growth Tech Business


  • Defining your culture and encapsulating what really makes you special in a highly-competitive industry
  • What it takes to develop a deliberate culture and cultural archetype that can be replicated over and over again during tremendous growth
  • How can you transform the way you assimilate talent, on-board new hires and develop managers to keep the core essence of your culture strong and resonant hire after hire?

12:20 pm Develop: What Are the Keys to Creating a Powerful Culture That Delivers for Your Business, Employees & Customers?

  • Aline De Lucca People Partner – Global Client and Agencies Solutions & HR Site Lead for Italy, Google
  • Katie Pierre Head of People, OpenCorporates

12:35 pm Action: What Will You Now Change About Your Culture to Take a Leap Forward?


Output-Focussed Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

12:50 pm Networking Lunch

Reinventing Recruitment

1:50 pm Discover: No Jobs, No Job Descriptions: Radically Redesigning How We Hire the Best in Tech


  • How Arrival is completely reversing the process of finding, getting and keeping the best tech talent to build things that have never existed before
  • What does it take to hire and interview with no jobs and no descriptions by wrapping the role around the candidate?
  • Installing the right attitude from the start to foster and maintain a culture of innovation where everyone is connected

2:10 pm Discover: Rethink How You Secure Truly Special Tech Talent in a Hyper-Competitive Industry


  • What does it take to reimagine how you attract and select world changing talent and capabilities?
  • In a world of fierce competition, how to rethink the way you screen for the right cultural fit for your business
  • How can we in HR support our business hire the best, hold on to what made us special and drive innovation?

2:30 pm Develop: What Do We Need to Rethink About How We Attract, Develop & Retain Top Tech Talent in a Hyper-Competitive Industry?

2:45 pm Action: What Leap Forward Will You Now Take to Give Your Business a Competitive Edge?


Output-Focussed Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

3:00 pm Networking & Refreshments Break

Rethinking Experience

3:30 pm Discover: How Delivery Hero is Rethinking the Employee Experience in a Tech Firm Growing at Warp Speed


  • How by reimagining a sense of purpose through its missions and values Delivery Hero is redefining engagement and creating an amazing employee experience for all
  • What does it take to truly give back and in a way that is tied to the overall business and promotes inclusivity and sustainability?
  • How do we leverage CSR to maximise employee engagement and enable our people to give their best, everyday?

3:50 pm Discover: Redesigning Performance Management to Create High-Performance Systems Fit for High- Performance People in Tech


  • How to change the conversation when it comes to performance management to totally transform the impact on employee development
  • What it takes to reshape your performance management process globally, to support and develop all employees
  • Transforming leadership training to truly harness performance management conversations as opportunities for high-value feedback

4:10 pm Develop: What Can We Transform About the Employee Experience to Get the Best from Our People?

4:25 pm Action: What One Thing Will You Now Change to Take a Leap Forward with Employee Engagement?


Output-Focussed Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

4:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:50 pm Close of Conference Day One & Informal Networking Drinks